Simone Reich
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Team leader and student advisor (German, Spanish, French, English)

Simone leads our student advising team and also advises our German, French, and Spanish-speaking students. She was born in Germany but has lived in Colombia for a year and in Egypt for 4 years.

She holds a masters degree in anthropology, Latin American studies, and psychology from University of Hamburg. She is also a certified translator, interpreter, and foreign language correspondent for Spanish and French. Before joining Language International, she worked as a PADI Staff Instructor in Dahab, Egypt.

Michele Bianchini
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Trainer and senior student advisor (Italian, French, Danish, English)

Michele trains our student advisor team. He also advises our Italian-, French- and Danish-speaking students. He grew up in Sardinia, studied in Dijon, went to university in Pisa, worked in Copenhagen and Malta, and now lives in Berlin. In addition to Italian, he speaks French and Danish.

He holds master's degrees in European Literary Cultures from University of Bologna, University of Thessaloniki and University of Haute Alsace. He also holds a bachelor's degree in European literatures and modern languages from University of Pisa.

Yaroslav Akimov
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Student advisor (Chinese, Russian, German, English)

Yaroslav advises our Chinese-, Russian-, and English-speaking students. He grew up in Russia and speaks Chinese and German fluently. In his free time, he teaches Chinese to intermediate and advanced students.

He is currently a PhD candidate in Chinese linguistics at the University of Trier in Germany. He holds a master's degree (with honors) in East Asian studies from Freie Universität Berlin and a bachelor's degree (with honors) in Chinese philology from Moscow State University. He received a two-year scholarship from the Catholic Academic Exchange Service (KAAD) in 2013 and a one-year scholarship from Peking University in 2010.

Nicole Arevalo
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Student advisor (Spanish, German, English)

Nicole advises our Spanish-, German-, and English-speaking students. She grew up in Chile but has studied and lived in Germany for years.

She holds bachelor's degrees in translation from Universidad de Concepción in Chile. She also received the ISAP-DAAD Scholarship for an academic exchange in Leipzig, Germany. Before joining Language International, she worked in sales in Alcorp S.A., a property company in Chile.

Francine Kloeckner
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Student advisor (Portuguese, Italian, English)

Francine advises our Portuguese-, Italian- and English-speaking students. She grew up in Porto Alegre, Brazil and also lived and worked in Grenoble, France, and in Rome, Italy. In addition to Portuguese and Italian, she speaks French and Spanish. She also started learning German quite recently.

She holds a bachelor's degree in Art History (with honors) from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. Before joining Language International in Berlin, she worked in Porto Alegre and in Rome, in the areas of Culture, Museology, Art and also Translations and Tourism.

Milda Mal
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Student advisor (French, Italian, Lithuanian, English)

Milda advises our French-, Italian-, Lithuanian-, and English-speaking students. She grew up in Vilnius, Lithuania, but lived and studied in Brussels and in Italy.

She holds bachelor's degrees in philosphy from Vilnius University in directing from Lietuvos Muzikos ir Teatro akademija in Vilnius. She also studied directing at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome, Italy. Before joining Language International, she worked on film sets as assistant director or production assistant. In her spare time, she still directs and produces documentary films.

Matthew Niebes
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School relationship manager and student advisor (English)

Matthew manages relationships with our network of language schools around the world. He also advises our English-speaking students from the United States, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. He grew up in Peach Tree, Georgia, in the United States and completed his master's degree in Germany.

He holds a master's degree in American studies from Universität Heidelberg and a bachelor's degree in history and English (with a minor in German) from Emory University.

Camila Onodera
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Student advisor (Portuguese, Japanese, English)

Camila advises our Portuguese-, Japanese- and English-speaking students. Her mom is Japanese and her dad is Brazilian. She grew up in São Paulo. She loves learning new languages and has studied Japanese, Italian and Spanish.

She holds a master's degree in fashion from University of São Paulo and a bachelor's degree in advertising and marketing from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie. Before joining Language International, she worked in customer care for Procter & Gamble.

Iliana Pistoli
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Student advisor (French, Greek, Turkish, English)

Iliana advises our French-, Greek-, and Turkish-speaking students. She grew up in Athens and is a native Greek speaker. She lived in Paris for 4 years and studied Turkish for 6 years, so she speaks French and Turkish fluently.

She holds a bachelor's degree in Turkish from the Kapodistrian University of Athens and a master's degree in international relations and Turkish from Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales-Langues O’ in Paris. She previously worked for MyToys, Migreurop, Greek Council for Refugees, and Amnesty International.

Katharina Silberg
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Student advisor (German, Russian, Spanish, English)

Katharina (or Katja) advises our German-, Russian-, and Spanish-speaking students. She grew up in Germany but lived in Playa del Carmen, for nearly a year. She speaks German, fluent Russian and Spanish, advanced French and intermediate Italian.

She holds a bachelor's degree in Romance languages and literatures from Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf. Before joining Language International, she was a dance teacher at the Happy Dance Ballet School in Mönchengladbach and a language teacher (Russian, English, German) at Playalingua del Caribe in Playa del Carmen.